Image of AUTO SHOW 1959




"Auto Show 1959"
General Motors fielded a complete redesign of all brands in 1959. The emphasis was on more interior room and a lower, wider more sculpted body. And of course, fins. It was the last full year Harley Earl presided as the head of the General Motors Art and Colour Department.

The Motorama style dedicated concept cars present at the show were turbine powered Firebird III and the bubble top Cadillac Cyclone with dual radar pods in the front fenders. The most striking feature to artist David Snyder was the extraordinary color palette GM offered with outrageous matching color interiors.

Artist David Snyder pays homage to the 1959 GM line up with his newest painting "Auto Show 1959". Join Dave in the pageantry of the latest and greatest of those fabulous fins, outrageous colors and an era like no other. "Auto Show 1959" is reproduced from an original painting to a limited edition of only 500 prints and 50 Artist Proofs. The prints and artist proofs are hand signed and numbered by the artist. The image measures 15.5" x 26" and is printed on high quality acid free stock trimmed to 22" x 28".

Limited Edition $90.00