Image of BOBCATS




Getting the "Royal" treatment meant you had one of the most feared Pontiacs on the street. It started with a visit to Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac in Royal Oak, Michigan. "Performance Sales Manager" Dick Jesse would go over the list of options you needed-including ram air induction, dual free flowing exhaust and a four speed manual linked to a limit slip rear end.

Chief mechanic Milt Schornack would oversee the installation of these go fast parts. Your new Pontiac would then receive the "Royal Bobcat" decals and you would become a member of the Royal Racing Team.

"Bobcats" is reproduced from an original painting by Automotive Artist David Snyder. Only 500 signed and numbered Limited Edition Prints and 50 signed and numbered Artist Proofs are available. The prints and artist proofs measure 17" x 34" and are printed on high quality acid free stock trimmed to 17" x 36".

Limited Edition $95.00