Don Yenko built a reputation of building high performance race cars starting with road racing in the early 60's. He then started selling special built cars based on what he learned on the track.

By 1969 Yenko Chevrolet had a dealership network of its own. To buy a Yenko Chevelle or a Yenko Camaro you didn't have to go to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. You could buy a Yenko at a local dealership, from V. V. Cooke Chevrolet in Louisville, Kentucky; Joseph Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio; Colonial Chevrolet in Norfolk, Virginia or Jack Douglass Chevrolet-one of the largest, in Hindsdale, Illinois. There were about 30 Yenko dealers across the country. Don Yenko delivered to you.

"Don Delivers" is artist David Snyder's third visit to Yenko Chevrolet in Canonsburg. On this day in 1969 Yenko is loading the transporter with Chevelles and Camaros bound for Chevrolet dealerships and new owners across the states.

David Snyder has produced only 500 limited edition prints, 50 artist proofs and 10 Giclees from the original painting. The prints and artist proofs are hand signed and numbered by the artist; measuring 17" x 26" and printed on high quality acid free stock trimmed to 22" x 28". The hand signed and numbered Giclee prints measure 32" x 48" and printed on archival canvas.
Available Prints Cost
Limited Edition $95.00